The Power of Storytelling
NTD Film is an award winning production company based in Romania, specialised in nature and travel documentary films. Our team worked with BBC, Nat Geo Wild and HBO Europe for international productions. We also collaborate with NGOs and Romanian national parks for movies about nature protection and conservation.
Our goal is to connect people and nature through the power of storytelling. Our films are always produced with the deepest respect towards the natural world.
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The Biggest Dream
US national parks are home to some of the most iconic landscapes on the planet and some of the most charismatic animals, but their entire story is less famous. Two Romanian filmmakers started a road trip to explore these national parks, to show their beauty and to understand how they are promoted and protected. From the bisons of Yellowstone to the swamps of the Congaree, from the amazing Badlands labyrinth to the Yosemite's waterfalls, from the canyons in Southwest to the huge biodiversity of the Smoky Mountains, this is the story of their journey and the lessons they've learned.
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