The power of Storytelling
NTD Film is an award winning production company based in Romania, specialised in nature and travel documentary films. Our team worked with BBC National History Unit, Nat Geo Wild and HBO Europe for international productions. We also collaborate with environmental NGOs and Romanian national parks for nature conservation projects.
Our goal is to connect people and nature through the power of storytelling. Our films are always produced with the deepest respect towards the natural world.
Our biggest Dream
Our journey began in 2012 when we started to dream about a movie that was never done before in our country. This was the birth of Wild Romania and for almost 10 years we captured the most comprehensive wild stories of one of the most biodiverse countries in Europe. It was not only a huge learning process, but also a huge success.
Wild Romania was awarded at some great festivals, it has world wide distribution and is now supporting an NGO which helps nature conservation through education. We’ve realised that our initial dream has turned into a lifetime passion and mission. One that will seal each and every project produced by our team.
Screenings of Wild Romania
Wild Romania movie had an open air premiere in front of 2.500 people at Transylvania International Film Festival. After that huge success we continued the open air screening on other big cities of Romania, but also on some unconventional places like the Black Sea beach, Carpathian Mountains forests and even inside a cave.