“Writing music is telling a story. I can try and mirror the harsh reality or create a new world, I can skip some details or even add some extra ones from my vision, I can lure you into a trap or I can give you a warm fuzzy feeling. You get the point. And the story.”

Alexei Turcan is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in the Republic of Moldova, but he moved to Romania in his teenage years. He studied accordion, but as a self-taught guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, programmer and arranger, he explored a vast stylistic area over the years ranging from cinematic soundscapes to electronic busyness, alternative poetry and the specific emotional dynamics of the soundtracks in the theatre plays. His organic approach to music production got him closer to collaborate with people and performers who found their true calling as artists.
Alexei’s most recent work as a writer and producer is Madalina Paval’s last LP called ROIESC and Wild Romania film soundtrack. Madalina was also the featured vocals on the main theme of the documentary. For his work on this project, Alexei received the GOPO Award for Best Original Soundtrack in 2022 and a nomination at Green Screen Festival.
Alexei is the person we go to when we need original music for our documentary projects.