“What makes your story worth telling? What is the impact you hope to achieve? Are you the right person to tell it? With the answers to these questions in mind, somewhere between love for nature and film, I’ve found that there are stories I want to tell. Stories that help us find meaning outside of ourselves. Stories that might just give our own life more sense and balance.”

Matei has been working in cinematography for over 8 years and he is one of the producers of the Wild Romania documentary. He worked as managing director for Transilvania Film, one of the main art films distributors in Romania, as well as for Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF).
He joined our team in 2022 and together we founded the Wild Romania Association where Matei is the acting vice-president and where he initiates new projects that combine the audio-visual field with nature conservation.
Matei is also one of our producers for different projects.