In the heart of Romania lies one of the most beautiful places in the country where one can enjoy the wonders of nature.
In the middle of our country there is a city surrounded by seven mountains and beautiful forests, a place where nature and outdoor activities are at home. The region of Brasov is a place where one can take a hike on a trail, swing in a rope on a climbing wall, venture in a cave, bike between the Transylvanian Highlands or enjoy photography or birdwatching in animal rich wetlands. This is one of the most beautiful nature areas in the country.
Full movie
Year 2017
Romanian language | English subtitles
Short 1 x 25 min (4k)
Directed by Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache | Produced by NTD Film in co-production with Propark Foundation
Sir Edmund Hillary Award - Mountain Film Festival, 2019
Best camera work - To Save and Preserve Festival, Russia 2018