„The natural world is one of the best places where we can get a refuge from the daily life, but it is also a strange world for many of us. Through our work we focus to bring people closer to nature and contribute to the environmental education of future generations.”
Cosmin’s passion for the natural world began when he was a teenager hiking the Carpathian Mountains. At that time he also started his involvement in the video production industry and after a few years of practice he decided to turn his passion for film and nature into his job.
In 2012 he partnered with Dan Dinu for producing documentary films and they worked with many environmental NGO’s for nature conservation and educational projects. He is the cinematographer and editor of Wild Romania documentary, the greatest project of this kind in our country and the biggest professional challenge of his career. He has over 15 years of experience as a videographer, editor and film producer, and he worked for various projects for NatGeo Wild, HBO Europe and CNN.
Cosmin is the main director of photography, but also a producer and an editor for NTD projects.