„There is no better time to live in for someone that loves to tell stories through photography and film. Our voice can really be heard and our vision can make a difference in the way that we relate ourselves with the natural world.”
Dan's passion for documentary film evolved from his love for nature and photography. He was published in numerous magazines, including National Geographic, and has won various contests. He is a founding member and the current president of FORONA (Romanian Nature Photography Association) and he is involved in nature conservation projects along with WWF or other NGOs.
In 2012 Dan teamed up with Cosmin Dumitrache and they created at NTD Film several documentaries for various Romanian NGOs and for environmental conservation projects. Dan has also worked on some international documentaries for BBC National History Unit, NatGeo Wild or HBO Europe as a director, field producer or researcher.
Wild Romania is his dearest and the most ambitious project yet. It is the biggest nature photography and documentary movie project developed in Romania so far.
Dan is involved as a director, producer, writer or researcher for our documentaries.